Running Agile Projects is must have skill for all Project manager this days. Mentioning Waterfall methodology became a curse not to mention that it seems, now days everyone is a scrum master.

Let’s go back to subject. And outline, what it takes to have an Agile Plan which works. What are the steps leading too committed plan?

Agile Planning – You have to be prepared.

Before any work starts, you need a plan to make sure team understand the end goal.

Considering “scope creep” also exist on Agile projects, PMs have to be prepared for all kinds of “what-if” discussions. 

  1. Define a product roadmap. It is the breakdown of features which are essential for final product. At this stage, product backlog shall be created. To list all features and deliverables.
  2. Create a release schedule – Delivery plan. Should not be complicated, you need a high level timetable which you create at the beginning of the release.
  3. Plan your sprints. First, you define your sprint duration. Before sprint start planning session should be conducted where the sprint goal are set with all necessary requirements that support the sprint goal. 
  4. Host daily standup meeting. To ensure the right priorities are worked on by the team. During daily meeting the team can discuss progress and obstacles if there’s any. Short and precise meeting required for efficiency. Short means less than 15 minutes.
  5. Sprint review. By the end of the sprint, team showcase the working solution/product to key stakeholders.
  6. Hold a retrospective meeting. This is the “continues improvement” dialog in the agile field. Where team discuss what went and how they can do things better for next release.