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Agile certifications – Which one to choose?

Agile methodology changed the way how we define software development and project management by delivering scope, schedule and cost. Demand is getting huge for certified professionals. I fully recommend if you have relevant experience and committed to learn you should spend time on your personal development and get one of the industry recognized certifications. Agility wanted There is a huge need in IT project industry to speed up project execution. Business is keen to make sure delivered product meets business expectation and recycles are limited to avoid cost and schedule overrun. Major companies started to take an accelerated approach to introduce agile philosophy in their organizations. If you are holding one of the major Agile certifications, PMI-ACP or CSM, you are the best position to bring your career forward. Scrum Master Certification by Scrum Alliance. CSM – Certified Scrum Master Website: This is the “first” (entry level) certification at Scrum Alliance. I recommend this certification those whom developers, business analyst, product owners and of course scrum master on their current project assignment. How you can get certified? According to : To earn your CSM certificate, you must take a CSM course from a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) or Endorsed Scrum Trainer (EST) and demonstrate your progress through our online CSM test. Attend an in-person, two-day (16 hour) CSM course taught by a Scrum Alliance Authorized Trainer. After successfully...

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What is Scrum?

If you know what are the rules of Rugby the word itself not require any explanation to you. Scrum refers to the part of the game where both teams try to move the ball down the field, while the whole team cluster fight to get the ball in the middle. At Rugby the scrum team have to work together and have to be self-organized to achieve their goals. Everybody works together to figuring out the best way possible. The concept of self organized team and method of working together are the „bread and butter“ of scrum methodology and the main reason of success. Summary: Scrum is just one of many existing Agile frameworks.  Others include Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), DevOps, etc. Like many other Agile frameworks Scrum is iterative-based, meaning that we plan out our work in a time-box, commit to that work, do the work, and repeat until we are done. The focus of Scrum really is on the execution part of the project.  In order to know what to execute on we need to pull in other Agile practices and frameworks to help get the end-to-end process. To understand scrum we have to take a step back and discuss the Agile mindset. When we talk about Agile, people usually think of Agile as a software development methodology, project execution method. Those are the result...

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Agile Project Management – Why some organizations fail?

Using agile project management methodology has is own pros and cons. At many large enterprise organizations PMO or Head of Projects force project divisions to adopt to agile, scrum or kanban. To support this action they send all their PM’s to classroom trainings, to conferences to make sure that they can apply the best tools and apply best in class lessons learned from industry. Question is very simple, why organizations fail to adopt Agile project management methodology? If you don’t have enough expertise, you should try to hire the best vendor possible. What characteristic your vendor should have? Number 1, vendor have to understand your company culture and how you operate. On all successful projects vendors and clients are working together really closely. Many cases people from each team are colocated to make sure business requirements are close to “perfect”.  Planning take place together, agreement of sprint duration is curtail, which most cases vary between 2 weeks to 5 weeks. As recommendation, I believe 3 weeks are most sufficient whereby 2 weeks are allocated to development and 1 week for testing. Vendor have to be flexible to make sure they stay transparent, adaptable and well-established. Criteria’s may sound obvious but in many cases they are the platform of confusion and misunderstanding. And if misunderstanding starts it will cost you more money and schedule will increase. Organizations should have a clear...

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Book Review: The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win Paperback by Gene Kim Review feedback summary Excellent book. This was recommended to me by couple of colleagues. I finished it in less than a week. I’m really taken by the amount of information and tips that I can apply in my work. This book will help everyone who has worked in the IT field for a decent amount of time realize that what they’re doing is much more than how they’ve been pigeon-holed in the past. The systematic approach of bringing right strategic thinking to IT is amazing and well delivered. The Phoenix Project” fictionalizes the relationship between IT OPS and DEV groups, focusing on the IT manager, his peers and individual contributors. It lays bare all those familiar problems we’ve all seen for decades. It relates those problems to issues seen in other industries since industry was invented in a way that’s clear, easy to visualize, easy to relate to, and entertaining to...

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Book Review: Agile Project Management: A Quick Start Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management: A Quick Start Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Agile Project Management by Henry O’Brien (Author) Review feedback summary: Agile project management is about to embracing changes. Delivering the features with the greatest business value first, and having the real-time information to tightly manage cost, time and scope. If you are curious on how can you better align with this principles this will be the one and only guide you’ll need. The book will answer why Agile methodologies are becoming popular to many business owners and organization. I believe it has relevant and up to date tips. Just...

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