Many organizations operate in Matrix environment which means, team members are spread between company offices around the globe.But, for “real” agile project success the benefit of having teams co-located is enormously huge. It generates real business value.Let’s review the key benefit factors:

  1. Flawless communication. Take to the example of agile testing of the agile software development. It requires constant communication and collaboration between team members. When team share the same office space, meetings/discussions/suggestions are easier to digest. It minimizes confusion and rework. It led to better decision making.
  2. Trust. Successful teams are able to perform if there is “enough” trust in the team/organization. Also, the added plus is mutual respect. In co-located situations people are already familiar with each other or able to “break the ice” quickly. Teams like tester and developers can work closely to each other. All-in-all, delivery solutions earlier and higher quality.
  3. Operation costs are significantly lower. We talked about already the benefits from the communication side, but it is significant to mention how much cost saving co-location can generate. Since, the HW infrastructure and costs related to communications, video conference, phone bills, data centers, test drives…etc.

Agile Admiral